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"You didn't marry a stupid woman!"

Zena Antilles was a Human female who was the wife of Jagged Antilles and the mother of Wedge Antilles and Syal Antilles Fel. Zena and Jag owned and operated outer Gus Treta, a fueling depot and spaceport located in the Corellian sector.


Zena was killed a few years before the Battle of Yavin, when a group of criminals attempting to escape CorSec forgot to release their docking clamps, and the resulting explosion destroyed most of the spaceport, taking Zena and her husband with it.

Both her children went on to become famous across the galaxy. Her son Wedge became a famous fighter pilot for the Rebel Alliance and later a general in the New Republic and her daughter Syal was a famous holodrama star in the Galactic Empire.



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