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Zenn Bien
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Zenn Bien was a Sullustan female Smuggler who aided in the theft and installation of a stolen hyperdrive for the Millennium Falcon, then known as the Gone to Pieces.


Born on the planet Sullust, she left her home world and explored the outer parts of the galaxy. She was soon exposed to discrimination because of her species that moved to many places. Soon, she came to Tuerto where she hired herself as a ship thief, because of her physiological characteristics - such as the ability to see in the dark. Although, she was aware of the illegality her actions consciously. During her work, she became friends with Quip Fargil and accepted in stealing a YT-1300 Freighter, which would later be known as the Millennium Falcon. Therefore, she traveled with Fargil in the Nilash system, where they started with the support of an imperial freighter and headed to Sriluur, the home planet of the Weequays.

Equipped with new registration and fuel, Bien made her way into the Tungra system, but was pulled from a cruiser out of hyperspace; Fargil convinced the imperial captain, however, allowing them a short stay on board to their damaged steering jets. Only at this time, she learned from him that he was acting on behalf of the Rebel Alliance to steal parts from the hyperdrive of the cruiser. Bien, who decided to support it, led a group of employees through the partitions of the hyperdrive, allowing them to complete their mission and successfully flee. As the YT freighter reached the system, Bien helped the rebels to incorporate the stolen parts to pass in those freighters. After their escape, she joined the group of beings, who had accompanied Fargil, and decided to join the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire.

During the war between both sides, Bien worked alongside Nien Nunb, being over time caused the destruction of many imperial ships. After the war ended, Zenn returned to her homeworld and decided to start her own clan. In 43 ABY, she was visited by Tobb Jadak and Flitcher Poste who wanted to learn more about the origin of the Millennium Falcon in which she told them her story.


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