Zerist was a moon world that orbited the planet Obri.


A dark world far from the light of Tythos, Zerist was illuminated by the reflected light of Obri itself. Volcanic in nature, most of the settlements on the moon were located near the base of these mountains where the settlers funneled heat into their homes. Because of the volatile nature of the world, government systems were established to guide the evacuation of areas threatened by eruption and the prediction of such cataclysms.[2]

Beneath the surface of the moon were vast underground seas illuminated by bioluminescent minerals in vaulted caverns. The wealthiest settlers of Zerist established their homes on islands within these warm subterranean depths, wherein many mining facilities established their headquarters and executive offices.[2]


In the year preceding the invasion of the Tython system by the Infinite Empire, Je'daii Rangers Hawk Ryo and Lanoree Brock helped to negotiated a marriage between Brom Santis and Oma Dessain to end violence between the two wealthy mining families.[2]

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