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"Some of the hostages were cowering against the walls of their cells, while others had curled up with their backs to the plastic, while still others gazed out at the battle with the dull resignation of those who have already given up hope."
Jorj Car'das[src]

Zero-g plastic bubbles lined the outer hull plates of Vagaari warships and with a Geroon slave held inside each one, acted as a living shield. About twice the size of a Human coffin, each bubble had an air supply, a comlink and a very clear view of the ensuing battle.

The Vagaari warlord Miskara placed smuggler Jorj Car'das in one of the many zero-g plastic bubbles mounted to the outer hull of his Vagaari flagship, just prior to his defeat by the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force in 27 BBY.


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