"This is a top secret Chiss Ascendancy installation. Self-sufficient, running in parallel with the aboveground outposts. Paranoia at work."
―Raina Temple[src]

Zero Station was a military outpost established by the Chiss Ascendancy on the planet Hoth at some point prior to the year 3665 BBY, when the Chiss alerted the Sith Empire to a nearby buildup of Republic Navy warships that were preparing to strike at the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas. The enclave remained on Hoth throughout the next several decades. It was a secret facility that completely self-sufficient and worked in parallel with the surface installations. Though allies of the Sith Empire, the Chiss kept the existence of the station a well guarded secret.

Cipher Nine discovered Zero Station after the Imperial Agent was betrayed by Admiral Layek Davos. Once there, the Cipher Agent met Aristocra Saganu and Ensign Raina Temple with the two agreeing to help the operative against the traitorous Imperials.



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