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Zesi Phinx was a female Anzat killer.


It is unknown exactly when Zesi Phinx was born, but evidence suggests that the Anzati killer had haunted the seedier entertainment districts of Coruscant for centuries if not millennia, feeding on sentient beings at least twice per month and perpetrating murders numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Personality and traitsEdit

Phinx was a mysterious figure, telling oblique tales of the great schism between darkness and light and Coruscant's long-forgotten glories. Exhibiting none of the puffiness around the nose seen on most Anati, Phinx could easily pass for a lithe Human woman in her late twenties.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

A skilled tracker and martial artist, Zesi Phinx's mundane abilities paled before her power in the dark side of the Force. Her skill with telepathy and mind control was on a par with other Anzati, but her considerable aptitude for telekinesis allowed her to drain the energy from blaster power packs, vibroblade energy cells, and even the portable generators possessed by droids and E-Web blasters, leaving her prey helpless.