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The Zeuol[3] were a sentient species with pale skin and black large eyes that lived in the galaxy.[1] A Zeuol female Eeusu Estornii[2] attended the funeral of Senator Padmé Amidala at the end of the Clone Wars.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

"One other thing that I'd like to explain is the character Eeusu Estornii -- The character wasn't actually named after me in the usual sense. There were a handful of characters in Revenge of the Sith that didn't have names. The characters were sent around to a group of us and I was given the opportunity to pick a character and name it, which I did. So I rather named the character after myself -- it was nice to be included in the group that got to do this, but it's not like somebody named this character after me (well, I guess I'm somebody...)."
―Sue Rostoni[src]
Dressing a Galaxy Senate trio

The Eeusu Estornii costume included hands.

Artists at Industrial Light & Magic created a robed, pale-faced senator to be a background alien for the funeral sequence at the end of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, a film first released in 2005.[4] In scenes shot in Australia on September 16, 2003,[5] the character was portrayed by Jacqui Louez,[4] the assistant to the producer of the film, Rick McCallum, and the director, George Lucas.[5] During filming, Louez's character was referred to as "Senator Jacquito."[5]

The head of Lucasfilm Licensing, Sue Rostoni, gave the character her final name; when she noticed a group of Revenge of the Sith characters who lacked official monikers, she chose to give the pale-faced senator a tuckerization of her own name.[6] The character's species was first identified in the Databank.[7] The spellings of the names of the character and her home planet have varied from source to source. Before it went offline, the Databank called the character "Eesu Estornii,"[7] while a 2005 article in Star Wars Insider 85 labels her "Ecusu Estornii."[8] Later sources have consistently spelled the name "Eeusu Estornii," the spelling this article adopts.[9][10][11] The Senator's homeworld has been spelled both "Ord Zeoul" and "Ord Zeuol," even in a single source.[7] This article adopts the latter spelling, as it is used in a more recent publication, 2009's The Essential Atlas.[12] The name of the species itself has only appeared in the Databank, where it was spelled "Zeuol." No indication of the plural form appeared, so this article follows standard English pluralization. While the Databank identified Ord Zeuol as Estornii's home planet, no source has explicitly named it as the homeworld of the entire Zeuol species.[7]



Notes and referencesEdit

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