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Zey Nep was a female Human who served as an assistant to Artuo Pratuhr, the archaeologist working for the Galactic Museum. In 22 BBY, she was a patron of the Outlander Club on Coruscant. After he was robbed of his money by double-crossing ex-member of Sisterhood of the Beatific Countenance from Lorrd, Seib Nod, Zey Nep helped to reclaim the money by training her blaster upon Nod's back when Pratuhr engaged the thief in a dock from which she tried to leave Coruscant. In a result, Pratuhr got the money back and the stolen Sisterhood artifacts which Nod used to lure the archaeologist were sent back to Lorrd[1].

Behind the scenesEdit

Zey Nep was portrayed by Zeynup Selcuk in Attack of the Clones.



Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Databank title Seib Nod in the Databank (content now obsolete; backup link on
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