Zherriak was a Wookiee from Kashyyyk who was good friends with fellow Wookiee Liak. The two swore an honor bond to each other and often went hunting together until Zherriak was killed during an Imperial slave raid. Liak and several other Wookiees managed to overpower the Imperials and capture their starship. While many of the surviving Wookiees returned to Kashyyyk after the raid, Liak, bent on avenging his friend, instead turned to the Rebel Alliance and offered his services to them.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Zherriak was briefly mentioned in Liak's backstory for his Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game statistics in "Do No Harm", a short story published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 10 on May 1, 1996. Zherriak's gender has yet to be specified.


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