"Why she would have returned to the general vicinity of her first attack on us I am not sure, but she can not be up to any good. I have assigned Agent Shofeld to continue observation until she leaves the planet."
―Lieutenant Commander Zhir-Khan reporting on Zayl Braith.[src]

Lieutenant Commander Zhir-Khan was a Rebel Alliance officer.

Zhir-Khan found fugitive Zayl Braith during a routine stay on Ord Mantell. Braith should not have been on Ord Mantell, as she had recently made an attack there. Curious about her presence, he assigned Shofeld to keep an eye on her.

Zhir-Khan was a member of the Task Force on Alliance Security. He wrote a report on the threat posed by Zayl Braith to the Rebel Alliance.

Spy Derrida tried to frame Zhir-Khan, falsifying records to implicate him in treason against the Alliance. This scheme failed and Zhir-Khan's loyalty to the Alliance was not doubted.