Zietta Anjiliac, also known as Zietta the Hutt, was a Hutt of the Anjiliac kajidic who was in charge of its operation on the shadowport Point Nadir.


Born into a wealthy criminal family on Nal Hutta, Zietta was a disgrace of her kajidic. Though as ambitious as any other Hutt, she lacked the means to achieve her goals, which always made her the last among all competitors. She was unable to create a criminal empire of her own and thus the embarrassed clan sent her to Point Nadir to be the adjutant of her cousin, Tirello Anjiliac, who ran the Hutt's criminal operations of Point Nadir for almost a century by that time. Tirello greatly disliked Zietta, and did his best to demean her by assigning her to menial tasks. Zietta resented him, but lacked the means to arrange an assassination. Everything changed when Zietta met a Wroonian woman Tis Dolan. Dolan treated Zietta with respect and quickly became her right hand and close confidant. Eventually, Tirello was killed by Sable Dawn assassins, which came as a surprise to Zietta. With Dolan's help, Zietta stepped in her place and became the new boss of Point Nadir. Though she regained the respect of her clan, she was in truth but a puppet in hands of Tis Dolan, who made the majority of the decisions and manipulated the Hutt to her own ends.


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