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Master Zik'tath was one of the priests of the light side on an unknown jungle planet which the Dark Side pyramids were found on. He was one of the last of his kind to be sacrificed to the Dark Side priests on top of the largest pyramid and his spirit became trapped in the Altar of the Dark Side. Eventually he managed to make contact with a Jedi who was leading a group of Rebels and gave him a detailed history of the planet. He told the Jedi that he had to defeat the Dark Side wraiths, the beings the priests had become when they died, and free all the souls trapped within the Altar. When the Rebels managed to destroy the Altar, Zik'tath appeared to the group as a Force ghost, thanking them for helping and informing the Jedi he would one day become a Jedi Master before raising his hand to bid farewell and faded, becoming one with the Force.