A carving of Zildrog

"By Zildrog's grace, I do enjoy your vigor. But when our great serpent returns, he will rain death upon Zakuul and cleanse it of all that is wrong—including the likes of you."
―The Exalted[src]

Zildrog was a mythical dragon worshiped by the people of the planet Zakuul, often in conjunction with the Old Ways. The earliest legends depicted Zildrog as a mentor to warriors, testing the strength of their spirit and consuming the fallen; victorious warriors were given the Breath of the Dragon—their soul was imbued with the dragon's fire, giving them a bright future. Under the Old Ways, Zildrog was considered a terrible beast that meant only death and was seen as one of the many forms of Izax, chief among the Old Gods of Zakuul. With the rise of the Eternal Empire, the Old Ways were generally discarded, and Zildrog became known only as a bedtime story about a creature out in the planet's swamps—at least until a nihilistic cult known as the Heralds of Zildrog came to power in Breaktown. The Heralds believed that Zildrog would one day return and raze the world, bringing death to all who did not believe.