Zinn's Revenge was a modified CorelliSpace Gymsnor-3 light freighter.


The Zinn's Revenge was a CorelliSpace Gymsnor-3 light freighter. Measuring 34.1 meters from bow to stern,[1] the heavily-modified freighter[2] was armed with four heavy laser cannons, each mounted on a separate arc[1] and capable of being fired separately.[2] The Zinn's Revenge was also equipped with a full sensor suite, deflector shields, and a navigation computer. A Class One hyperdrive allowed the ship to travel through hyperspace, while a slower Class Ten unit was installed aboard as a backup in case of emergency. The ship was capable of reaching speeds up to 800 kilometers an hour in atmosphere. Zinn's Revenge was designed to be operated by two crew with four gunners handling the weapons, although the ship could be flown by a single individual if needed. Six passengers could travel aboard, and the vessel was capable of carrying 10 metric tons of cargo,[1] within a space of ten cubic meters.[2] Consumables to last a month were stored on board.[1]


The Zinn's Revenge was owned by the Human bounty hunter, Zinn Classet. During the Galactic Civil War, he led a group of hunters including fellow Human Andar Sizzton, Gotal Uthil Ren'kacal, Gamorrean Jargool Muus, and the Aqualish Negollup.[2] Around 0 ABY,[3] the group was contracted by representatives of the Spice Mines of Kessel to hunt down a group of Alliance to Restore the Republic operatives[2] who had freed one of their slaves, the Wookiee Kentara.[4]


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