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"No one ever threatens me and lives to tell about it."
―Zippa to Lorn Pavan[src]

Zippa was a male Toydarian merchant in the lower levels of Coruscant in the years prior to the rise of Palpatine. He once tried to sell Lorn Pavan a Sith holocron, which he mistakenly believed to be a Jedi Holocron. The two, along with Zippa's Gamorrean bodyguard Bilk and Pavan's protocol droid I-5YQ, met in booth nine, a holobooth in a holobooth provider suggested for the meeting by the Toydarian. When Pavan questioned the authenticity of the Holocron, Zippa accused Pavan of being a "closet Jedi," causing Pavan to react violently. Pavan soon backed down, but after a deal was reached, Bilk held the pair at blaster-point and Zippa took both the Holocron and fifteen thousand Republic credits from Pavan and flew from the booth. Bilk remained to kill I-5YQ and Pavan, but I-5YQ killed Bilk, and Pavan and the droid tried to chase Zippa, but were unable to find him.


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