Zoam Urshant was a programmer assigned to Tumleh Navigation's NGW Hyperdrive Jump Program. She lived in the city of D'larah on the planet Demophon during the Galactic Civil War. She was eight months pregnant with her third child when the impending supernova that would destroy the Demophon system was announced, forcing evacuation. When she discovered that her husband Andus Urshant was to be evacuated, but that she and her two children Aklan Urshant and Fianna Urshant would have to wait, she sought out the G'uotr Network to find a way to evacuate her entire family at once. Their price was the data on the NGW Hyperdrive Jump Program. At first Zoam intended to go through with the data theft, but her loyalty won out and their family found another starship in which to evacuate together.[1]


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