"I can fly an X-Wing! They'll need every fighter pilot on Arda!"
―Zon Zorad[src]

Zon Zorad, a Human male from Arda-3, who was the son of ex-smuggler Kiros Zorad and worked for Mag Doum during the Galactic Civil War.


In 1 ABY, Zon and his father were ordered by Mag Doum to kidnap Princess Leia Organa from uncovering a mystery how T6 Diodems were been sold to the Galactic Empire. Zon and Kiros were so indebted by Doum and had no choice but to follow his command. After Kiros had dropped Zon and Leia off at the Caverns of Colla-Di, he then led Luke to the Great Torgur Falls away from the Catacombs. However, Zon and Leia were attacked by the Kdak. Zon immediately saved Leia's life from the Kdak, but was injured in the process, and now Leia was helping the son of Kiros to the road. When Doum fled from Arda-2 and contacts Darth Vader, Zon's father was able to push aside Mag and send a message to Arda-2 and warned everyone of Vader's impending attack. Zon was among those that joined the Rebel Alliance and volunteered to fly an T-65 X-wing starfighter. During the battle, Zon tried to contact his father who sacrificing his life to a collision course with the bridge of the Imperial Star Destroyer. Distracted, he is quickly shot down by a couple of TIE/LN starfighters.

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