The Zongorlu were the native species of Zongorlu.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Zongorlu were a sentient species of large, lumpy plant. They were slow-moving, only able to move about one meter per day. They were able to blink and were flammable.[1]


The Zongorlu were native to the planet Zongorlu,[1] located in the Noonian sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[2]

The propaganda of Goodvalor claimed that the Zongorlu had nine major warrior-tribes on their planet, each of which had a vacation camp for its younglings on Serroco, these camps being destroyed by the Mandalorian bombardment. As a consequence, Goodvalor claimed Zongorlu were outraged, and those abroad in the Galactic Republic returned en masse to their homeworld, including their Senator, who asked for a leave of absence and a heavy assault cannon. All of this information was false, meant only to scare the Mandalorians out of attacking Zongorlu. It seemed somewhat effective, since it led many Mandalorians on Taris to pester Kublus Sornell with questions about what Zongorlu looked like.

In truth, the Zongorlu were big, lumpy plants that moved about a meter per day. When the Mandalorians landing on their homeworld, the Zongorlu "kind of blinked." The Mandalorians grew so bored on the planet that some of them began to set fire to the natives. Kublus Sornell forbade this entertainment to continue, fearful the entire Mandalorian camp might catch on fire due to the rainless weather that week.


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