Zoodia Tantra was an Human female ex-TIE bomber pilot for the Galactic Empire. Sometime after 0 ABY she was shot down by a friendly ship and she crashed onto a small moon. A farming droid pulled her from the wreckage but the Empire did not immediately send out a rescue party. By the time the Empire did save her, she had lost her right arm resulting in a cybernetic arm put in its place. She resented the Empire for taking too long to rescue her and resigned. She eventually encountered Xalto Sneerzick and his Droid Abolitionist Movement resounded with her due to a droid saving her life earlier. She became a key enforcer within the movement.


Zoodia Tantra was a highly decorated officer in the Imperial Navy and was commissioned as a lieutenant. She was a TIE bomber pilot and flew sixty missions for the Galactic Empire. On her sixtieth mission sometime after 0 ABY she engaged a B-Wing but was shot down by a friendly escort craft and crashed onto a small moon. Her comrades never bothered to search the wreckage for survivors but a farming droid was on hand and pulled her from the burning wreckage. Her right arm was badly injured in the process. Eventually the Empire learned of her survival but by the time they showed up to rescue her an infection had spread in her injured arm and in the end it had to be amputated and replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis. Shortly afterwards she bitterly resigned her commission. Tantra encountered Xalto Sneerzick while he was preaching against the evils of droid slavery in a tavern on a backwater planet. His message resonated with her and she joined his Droid Abolitionist Movement.[1]

Sometime after 4 ABY Sneerzick and his crew, including Tantra, attempted to upload a virus into a shipment of R5-series astromech droids in order to help spur a droid revolt. Their employer at the time, Cosmohaul Shipping also sent a group of mercenaries on board to help protect the shipment from privateers that had been operating in the area. She helped uploaded the virus under the pretense that Sneerzick and her were asked by Cosmohaul Shipping corporate that the droids had bad motivators and needed to be replaced. When the virus had been uploaded she pulled a blaster on the mercenaries and herded them into an escape pod while the droids were activated and the virus started reprogramming them. By the time the crew of the Argent Lady reached Sev Tok's second moon droids had malfunctioned and turned on their liberators and Tantra was killed in the crossfire.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Tantra was a Human female who had a cybernetic right arm. She was a beautiful woman with a perfect figure that was marred by the her cold, metal, cybernetic limb. She constantly had a brooding scowl and harbored deep hatred for the Empire for abandoning her and causing her to lose her arm. She didn't know if Sneerzick's abolitionist message called to her because a droid had saved her life or because she felt she was part machine. She preferred the company of droids to organics due to her history.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Tantra was a talented starfighter pilot, able to fly or repair them as necessary. She was very mechanically inclined but also was a decent shot with a blaster.[1]


Tantra carried around a blaster pistol and was the chief engineer of the Cargo Empress-class super freighter Argent Lady.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Zoodia Tantra was created by Thomas Bowling for the article Droids Defiant that was published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 9 in February 1996. It was published as a supplement to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game created by West End Games. She was illustrated by Matt Busch.



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