Zsinj's father was a human male from Fondor. Near the end of the era of the Galactic Republic, he and a human female from Chandrila named Maarisa Zsinj produced a male child, Zsinj, who would eventually become one of the most powerful warlords in the history of the galaxy.


A human male from Fondor, Zsinj's father was a simple mechanic by trade. He fathered a child with Maarisa Zsinj, a human female from Chandrila, and in the tradition of his Fondorian caste, their offspring bore a single name: Zsinj.[1] Zsinj's father passed on some of his aptitude for engineering to his son,[2] but Zsinj eventually took after his mother and enrolled in the Prefsbelt IV naval academy.[1]

Although Maarisa Zsinj went on to become a pirate, and the younger Zsinj became a Warlord of the Empire for hunting her down,[1] multiple historical records make no further mention of Zsinj's father except in terms of his relationship to his infamous family.[2][3][4]


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