Zsinj's Empire was the vast region of space ruled by the Imperial breakaway Warlord Zsinj between 4 and 8 ABY. It was established in the Quelii Oversector, where Zsinj was once a Moff, before expanding outward from there.


Zsinj's Empire was created following Emperor Palpatine's death, after Zsinj de-facto refused to recognize the authority of the Imperial Ruling Council and became an independent warlord. In the immediate upheaval following the Battle of Endor, Zsinj never denied his loyalty to the Empire Proper—a lesson seemingly learned from the bombastic politic denunciation of his proud mother, a breakaway Imperial fleet commander, who Zsinj himself had to hunt down long ago. [1]

The new empire's first capital was Serenno, where Zsinj ruthlessly dealt with any rebel force that threatened his holdings. After setting up base on the planet, he began referring to himself first and foremost by his title of Warlord of the Empire and symbolically renamed his Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist after his old ship, locking down Quellii Oversector with staggering viciousness and success. [1] However, the Ruling Council's advisers supported his tactics at first, and so his breakout from central authority was not entirely evident. [2]

While it dealt with its local rebels, Zsinj's Empire also sent its emissaries to the Alliance of Free Planets, soon to become the New Republic, establishing diplomatic contacts that made the New Republic concentrate on defeating the Imperial government of Coruscant, instead of the warlord's empire. [3]

The empire had varying relations with other factions of the Imperial Civil War. There were conflicts with Treuten Teradoc's Greater Maldrood and Ardus Kaine's Pentastar Alignment, while the Ciutric Hegemony and loyalist Galactic Empire (where the warlord still had allies like admiral Llon Banjeer) coexisted peacefully with Zsinj's Empire. [2]

Zsinj recruited some Imperial officers into his forces, focusing especially on those with an Intelligence background.[4]. He also created a vast support network independent from his military force.[4]. Having consolidated his forces, the warlord took over the Tion Hegemony, extended his protection to the Corporate Sector, and annexed some territory along the Hydian Way abandoned by Ardus Kaine, extending his empire as far as to Bogden in the Inner Rim.[2]

During this time, Dathomir became one of the most important worlds of Zsinj's Empire: Zsinj built Rancor Base, started mining operations on Dathomir's fourth moon and initiated some of his many special projects.[3]

In 5 - 6 ABY Zsinj's Empire's relations with the New Republic became heated, with Mon Calamari fleet admirals Kalback and Ragab tried to gain a foothold on the Hydian Way, both were repelled by Zsinj's forces.[2] The New Republic's plans to attack Zsinj existed since 4 ABY, but were sidetracked first by the Battle of the Hast Shipyards with the loyalist Empire, then with the emergence of Lord Shadowspawn. Viewing both his Imperial and New Republic opponents as inferior, Zsinj eventually felt secure enough in his power to challenge the New Republic directly.[3] Controlling his forces from Rancor Base on Dathomir, Zsinj became increasingly ambitious,[3] going as far as to attacking the New Republic fortress world of New Alderaan.[2]

After the fall of Coruscant, new forces, previously loyal to the Coruscant Imperial government, joined Zsinj's Empire, including members of Ysanne Isard's Imperial Intelligence. At the height of his power, Zsinj had gained control over a mammoth area of the known galaxy, absorbing the provinces of rivals Grand Moff Nigel Nivers and Admiral Terrinald Screed (whom he executed), and challenging the authority of the New Republic and Empire alike. [1] [5]

Ultimately, war with the New Republic proved disastrous for Zsinj's Empire. Warlord Zsinj himself was "hunted" by Solo Fleet, and later defeated by the united forces of the New Republic, the Galactic Empire, the Hapes Consortium and the Dathomiri Singing Mountain Clan. Remnants of Zsinj's Empire were divided by the New Republic, the loyalist Empire and the Greater Maldrood. Zsinj's death left the Galactic Empire free to return their focus to the New Republic. Zsinj's forces remained active, but lacked direction. Much of his fleet was claimed by a number of independent warlords, most notably Teradoc.


Zsinj's Empire continued to use old Imperial vehicles as a bulk of its fleet. Zsinj had resources to use multiple Imperial-class Star Destroyers in battle.[6] During the Battle of Talasea Zsinj's forces used a EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate and a CR90 corvette.[4] Other ships included Victory-class Star Destroyers, Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers, Lancer-class frigates, Carrack-class cruisers and Quasar Fire-class bulk cruisers.[7] Zsinj's Empire was also in possess of more exotic tools of war such as the orbital nightcloaks and Zsinj's flagship, the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Iron Fist.

Zsinj's forces primarily used standard Imperial TIE Series starfighters such as TIE/LN starfighters, TIE/IN interceptors and TIE/sa bombers. However, the Rancor Base also designed an unofficial Zsinj-exclusive TIE variant named TIE Raptor. Although not as fast as a TIE Interceptor, this fighter was as maneuverable as an A-wing, and heavily armed, with four laser cannons and two concussion missile tubes. A few prototypes were also equipped with shields.

A part of the Stormtrooper Corps was under Zsinj's command,[8] however, without Imperial Academies or cloning facilities the numbers of stormtroopers, already an elite force, began to dwindle. Unlike other Imperial breakaway Warlords who chose to equip regular Imperial Army Troopers with stormtrooper armor, Zsinj took a different path. He created the Raptors, a special forces unit, charged with enforcing Zsinj's will throughout his growing territory, which was arguably more loyal to Zsinj than the stormtroopers had been to Emperor Palpatine and his legal successors. With their distinctive black armor and equipment decked out in such colors as black, red, and yellow, they were commonly considered the most recognized symbol of Zsinj's power.




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