The Zuzabol[2] were a bipedal species shorter in height than humans.[3] The Zuzabol Avga Rosene and another member of the species worked as a fueling crew[1] for the Resistance[3] in the year 34 ABY.[4] Both were present in the Resistance base on the planet D'Qar shortly before the Assault on Starkiller Base.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Zuzabol species first appeared in the film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens,[3] which was released on December 16, 2015.[5] The species were not identified in the film, but received a name in the non-canon video game Disney Infinity 3.0, which was released in conjunction with the film.[2] Despite the game being non-canon, story group member Pablo Hidalgo confirmed on Twitter that the names provided by the game for previously unidentified entities, including the Zuzabol, were considered canon.[6]


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