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This Star Wars Legends article contains information from the 2008 Slaves of the Republic comic books that was omitted from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series' 2011 adaptation of the story.

The Season Four episodes "Kidnapped," "Slaves of the Republic," and "Escape from Kadavo" have canonical precedence. Editor discretion is advised.

"How can a civilization this advanced still practice slavery?"
"It makes them wealthy and powerful at the expense of others."
―Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker, on the Zygerrians[src]

The Zygerrians were a sentient humanoid species native of the planet Zygerria. Members of the species were medium-sized, standing 1.7 meters tall on average and weighing around sixty kilograms. The Zygerrians were distinguished by their feline appearance, having pointed ears, clawed hands and fur-covered faces. The species was well-known for its long history of violence, war and slavery, which they viewed as a natural order of life. This contributed to the fact that the Zygerrians were feared across the galaxy.

The founders of the Zygerrian Slavers Guild and the Zygerrian Slave Empire, the Zygerrians conducted slaving operations in the Outer Rim Territories for centuries before the Clone Wars. At one point, the species was crushed by the Jedi Order, but they eventually recovered. During the Clone Wars, the Zygerrians allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems led by Count Dooku in hopes of expanding their slaver empire. The Confederacy supplied them with the captured Togruta population of the planet Kiros, whom the Zygerrians hoped to sell at an auction.

However, misunderstandings between Dooku and the Zygerrian Queen Miraj Scintel led to Scintel's death, while the Togruta were rescued by the Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Zygerrian slaving business thrived, since slavery was permitted by the Imperial Decree A-SL-4557.607.232. The Zygerrians kept close ties with the Empire, supplying it with slaves and receiving discounts on slaver permits in exchange. Due to the nature of their business, the Zygerrians also became targets for Rebel privateers, bounty hunters and various non-affiliated spacers.

Biology and appearanceEdit

"Zygerrians, you say? No stranger to them am I."

The Zygerrians were a bipedal sentient humanoid species. Feline in appearance, the species possessed strong, angular features,[1] with long fangs jutting from their jaws and claws extending from their hands.[4] The Zygerrians' faces and their pointed ears were almost entirely covered with fur, which ranged in color from brown to gray or red.[1]


Atai Molec, displaying his species' traditional features.

Males traditionally had more hair than females, with bands of fur growing on their cheeks. Male Zygerrians also displayed a number of bony spurs protruding from the chin, which females lacked.[1]

With an average lifespan of eighty-one years, the Zygerrians reached adolescence at ten years; they were considered adult at seventeen, middle-aged at forty and old at sixty-one. Medium-sized, they usually grew up to 1.7 meters and weighed around sixty kilograms. They generally had sallow complexions and were physically strong,[2] but some individuals suffered from obesity.[4]

The Zygerrians spoke Galactic Basic Standard[2] with a pronounced accent.[4] They also had their own language that was spoken among the Zygerrian slavers on the planet Kowak, the species' major outpost active in the years following the Clone Wars.[5]

Society and cultureEdit

Notorious slaversEdit

"Slavery is the natural order of things. The weak deserve nothing more than to kneel before the strong, bound to our service."
―Queen Miraj Scintel[src]

A warlike species, the Zygerrians held strength—both physical and mental—in great esteem, viewing it as a means to gain power and authority.[2] The Zygerrians were cunning, ensuring that they had the upper hand in any situation. They traditionally settled their differences with an unarmed fistfight.[1] They believed that it was the natural order of life for the strong to dominate the weak, so slavery was normal for the species,[4] and a display of weakness could mean death or enslavement in their culture.[2] Those unfortunate enough to become their slaves were essentially viewed as inferior species by the Zygerrians.[5] As such, a slave market thrived on the planet.[4]


A Zygerrian presents his goods to potential buyers.

Because of those views, the species willingly cultivated their image as dangerous and unpredictable, in order to discourage others from challenging them. This tactic worked,[2] and the Zygerrians were feared in spaceports across the galaxy, earning fame for their history of violence, piracy, slavery, and war. Despite all of that, they were still considered an advanced civilization.[4]

The center of the Zygerrian society was the Zygerrian Slavers Guild that focused on slave trade in the Outer Rim Territories. Founded centuries before the Clone Wars, the organization thrived in their territory, mostly due to its well-organized nature[8] and the Galactic Republic's diffuse presence in the Outer Rim.[9] Each Zygerrian slaver had to pay a yearly membership fee to join the Guild and was then allocated a patch of space in which to work. The size of that patch varied from one planet to an entire system, depending on the amount of money the slaver paid as their fee.[8]

Compared to other slaver organizations, the Zygerrians were considered "honorable" by the Twi'lek species, who preferred them as slave masters, since the Zygerrians' approach to slaving reduced the damage it did to the Twi'lek society.[8]

Organizations and titlesEdit

"With respect, how can I price the beauty of this slave, when I look upon the magnificence of Your Highness, whose beauty would make the brightest star seem dull by comparison."
―Anakin Skywalker, in his disguise of Lars Quell, trying to make good impression on Queen Scintel[src]

Miraj Scintel, Queen of Zygerria during the Clone Wars

The Zygerrian people were organized into clans[6] and classes. They had a noble class, many members of which, despite their high status, pursued a career in the military.[2] The Zygerrian Head of State was a monarch; female rulers held the title of Queen,[4]—fully styled as The Most High Queen of Zygerria[10]—and males were addressed as Kings.[5]

Male heirs to the throne bore the honorific title of prince, while the entire family of the monarch was referred to as the Zygerrian Royal House.[5] The monarchs resided within the Zygerrian Royal Palace.[10] A group of elite soldiers called the Royal Zygerrian guard were specifically trained to protect the royal family and ensure the prosperity of the species' slaving business.[5]

Individuals responsible for handling archives of the Zygerrian Slave Empire were called Royal archivists. During the tenure of Queen Scintel and later King Molec, the position of royal archivists was held by brothers Jorec and Mard Gemen.[5] Zygerrian News was a news outlet that operated on the planet during the Clone Wars.[11]

Traditional equipmentEdit

"Master, the bonds, they're too heavy."
"Tell that to my whip!"
A Twi'lek slave begs Atai Molec for mercy[src]

A Zygerrian slaver armed with a shock whip

The species' natural physical strength was well-complemented by their mastery of various weapons,[2] such as retractable shock whips.[4] The shock whip was a traditional weapon of the Zygerrians that ensured that the target ensnared by the whip's electrified metal wires experienced great pain and muscle spasms. In combat, the Zygerrians tended to resort to non-lethal tactics, in order to maximize the number of prisoners captured.[5]

In addition to shock whips, electrostaffs also saw widespread usage by the Zygerrians.[4] The species also utilized firearms, such as the Zygerrian blaster rifle[12] that could fire both regular blaster bolts as well as shots that detonated on impact, creating an explosion. The Zygerrians used shock collars to control their slaves, punishing those who displayed disobedience with painful jolts of electricity.[4] Sometimes, those collars were outfitted with an explosive device that could be detonated if a slave tried to escape.[5]

The Zygerrians utilized various creatures to travel on their homeworld, including the winged brezak creatures that the Royal guard used to patrol the ground for escaped slaves.[13] In order to transfer slaves between planets, the species used highly durable freighters,[14] called the YV-865 Aurore-class freighter. The transports came equipped with grappling turrets that could be fired through the open bay doors to ensnare victims and reel them in inside the ship.[5] Each transport contained space for numerous enslaved individuals, yet only required one pilot to operate it.[14] The Zygerrians also used the versatile long-range HH-87 Starhopper to patrol the airspace of their holdings.[15]


Early historyEdit

"Thrived on Outer Rim slave trade for centuries did the Zygerrian civilization. Moved from system to system, abducting primitive beings to enslave for profit—even into the systems of the Republic."

Zygerria, the homeworld of the Zygerrian species

The Zygerrians hailed from Zygerria,[2] a planet located in the Chorlian sector of the Outer Rim Territories, on the outskirts of the galaxy.[16] Organized under the Zygerrian Slave Empire, the species prospered on slave trade across the galaxy[1] and especially within the Outer Rim. Eventually, the Zygerrian Empire came to dominate a large portion of the region, stretching from the planet Argazda down the Salin Corridor.[5]

The slavers were also in control of the Triellus Trade Route, which provided access to the planet Ryloth,[5] the homeworld of the Twi'lek species.[16] At the height of their Empire, the Zygerrians provided slaves to other powerful factions operating in the region, such as the Hutt Empire and Chevin slavers.[5]

During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the planetoid Zygerria Four underwent bombardment with an attempt to drive off slavers who had settled there. The bombardment drew many slavers away, with one rich slave trader abandoning an entire palace.[17] The bombardment also uncovered the ruins of an underground city on Zygerria Four, which various archaeologists gathered to study.[18]

Conflict with the JediEdit

"When ordered to cease, resist did the Zygerrians. Crushed their Empire of bondage did the Jedi. Ruined were these slavers. But refuse they did to change their ways."
Jedi Zygerrian conflict

The final defeat of the Zygerrians by the Jedi

Thousands of years before the Clone Wars,[5] slavery was outlawed by the Republic,[1] and the Jedi began an anti-slavery campaign within the Outer Rim. As part of that campaign, the Jedi Order especially targeted the Zygerrians. After a brutal conflict,[5] the Zygerrians were crushed and many of their enslaved species were liberated.[1]

The Zygerrians retreated to their homeworld,[5] and they were not considered a threat by the Jedi or the Republic after that incident. However, ever since their defeat, the species longed to restore their slaver empire to its former glory.[1] By the time of the Separatist Crisis, the Zygerrians, along with the Karazak Slavers Cooperative and the Thalassian slavers, once again emerged as one of the leading slaver organizations in the galaxy, with an estimated income of billions of credits.[9]

Allies of the ConfederacyEdit

Yoda: "Troubling is the return of the Zygerrians."
Koon: "It is likely they mean to use Dooku to rebuild their Slaver Empire."
Skywalker: "We cannot allow that, Master."
Yoda: "Agree I do, but first, find the colonists you must. In great danger they are."
Koon: "What is it, Master?"
Yoda: "Sense I do, a darker hand in this mystery. Slavery, a great tool it is…for the rise of the Sith."
―Yoda, Plo Koon, and Anakin Skywalker, discussing their next course of action after the battle on Kiros[src]

When the Clone Wars broke out, the leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Count Dooku, offered to supply the Zygerrians with slaves captured by Confederate battle droids on the battlefields. Dreaming of stretching the Zygerrian influence across the galaxy and believing the Republic too preoccupied with the war to stop her from reaching that goal, the Zygerrian Queen Miraj Scintel allied her people with the Separatists.[19] Aided by pirates and mercenaries, the Zygerrians began preying upon systems isolated by the war. They also established slaving outposts on many planets, such as Kowak and Listehol.[5]


The captured Togruta population of Kiros

During the second year of the war,[20] the Confederacy invaded the planet of Kiros and captured its Togruta population. On the orders of Dooku, the Togruta were handed to the Zygerrians, and Scintel hoped to sell them at a Royal Slave Auction with the hope of restoring the Zygerrian slavers' glory.[19]

Most of the slaves were transferred to a labor processing hub on the planet Kadavo, which was run by the Zygerrian Agruss, known as the Keeper. Meanwhile, the Togruta Governor Roshti, was kept on Zygerria to be presented at the auction as an example of the goods available for sale.[4]

Scintel's auctionEdit

"My Queen is going to bring back the Royal slave auction, as in the days before the Jedi. Zygerria will be reach and powerful again!"
―Darts D'Nar[src]

After liberating Kiros from the Separatists and finding the entire population gone,[19] the Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi embarked on a search for the Togruta and infiltrated the Zygerrian homeworld. While Kenobi set off to search for the Togrutas, Skywalker posed as a slaver named Lars Quell, who wished to present a Togruta slave—in reality, Skywalker's Padawan Ahsoka Tano—to Scintel. However, Kenobi was soon captured while trying to rescue Roshti.[4]


The Jedi fight against the Zygerrians during the auction.

Scintel held the auction as planned, and many wealthy individuals came to bid on the Togruta, before the bidding was halted in order to present a new exhibit—the captive Kenobi. At this moment, the auction was interrupted by Skywalker and Tano, who—with the help of clone trooper CT-7567—attempted to liberate Kenobi and to force Scintel to surrender.[4]

However, the Jedi rebellion was subdued, and they were captured. Scintel kept them alive, hoping to break the Jedi's will and make them her obedient slaves. Kenobi, CT-7567, and Roshti were transferred to Kadavo, while Tano was imprisoned on Zygerria, and Skywalker was made Scintel's personal slave.[4] The Queen's unwillingness to kill the Jedi prompted her aide Atai Molec to invite Dooku to Zygerria to reason with her and execute the Jedi. Scintel refused to listen to the Count, and Dooku killed her. While Skywalker and Tano managed to escape and headed for Kadavo, Dooku contacted the Keeper and ordered him to kill Kenobi and CT-7567.[11]

As Skywalker and Tano attempted to break into the processing hub, Dooku ordered them to cease, lest the Keeper would drop the Togruta into the maw of a volcano below the labor processing hub. In response, Skywalker called in reinforcements that he had requested earlier. In the ensuing battle, the slaves were liberated, the labor processing hub was destroyed, and the Keeper was killed, dealing another blow to the Zygerrian business.[11]


Yularen old

Admiral Wullf Yularen defeated the Zygerrians during the Listehol Campaign of 18 BBY.

The species recovered yet again, as Molec—who had ascended to the Zygerrian throne as the new King after Scintel's death—successfully resurrected the Zygerrian Slave Empire.[5] Meanwhile, the Clone Wars ended in 19 BBY with the fall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire in its place. Although the Empire quickly seized control of most of the galaxy, the Outer Rim Territories initially refused to acknowledge its authority.[21]

The Zygerrian slavers were no exception, as they entered an alliance with Tervig slavers and Sikurdian pirates and established illegal trade routes along the Listehol Run and the Shaltin Tunnels. The slaver union also began raiding the newly reorganized Corporate Sector, an independent territory that shared borders with the Outer Rim.[21]

The Empire was quick to respond to such insurgencies along the Outer Rim and began a campaign to subjugate that rebellious territory. In 18 BBY, an Imperial task force led by Admiral Wullf Yularen and Captain Bannidge Holt began the Listehol Campaign. A fleet of Invincible-class Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers, Venator-class Star Destroyers and TIE fighters under their command defeated the Sikurdian swarms at the Battle of Sagma. Yularen and Holt then besieged Zygerria, forcing the Zygerrians to negotiate peace with an Imperial advisor dispatched to the planet. Placed under Imperial control, Zygerria served as a base of operations for a series of unsuccessful raids on the planet Tervissis.[21]

Relations with the EmpireEdit

"Truthfully, he has little incentive to cross the Empire. Its Navy gives us a wide berth already, and we see no reason to jeopardize that arrangement."
―Captain Rajim Armin, of Prince Sono Molec's Royal Guard, speaking about his Masters relation to the Empire[src]

However, the Zygerrians' tenure under the heel of the Empire was short-lived, since King Molec was able to negotiate a deal with the Galactic Emperor Palpatine. In exchange for freedom from Imperial control, the Zygerrians agreed to restrict their slaving activities to the Outer Rim.[5] The Zygerrian species enjoyed a rise in prominence once again, after the Imperial Decree A-SL-4557.607.232 essentially legalized slavery under certain conditions.[22] By 0 ABY,[23] the Zygerrians were again considered the most infamous slave traders in the entire galaxy.[22]

Their Slave Empire continued to grow, and the species started having dealings with the Hutts once again.[5] The structure of the Zygerrian Slavers Guild[22] and the species' reputation as harsh disciplinarians[24] made it beneficial for the Empire to offer them slaver permits at a reduced cost, which, in turn, led the Zygerrians to actively traffic slaves for Imperial needs. Among the species the Zygerrians dealt in were the Twi'leks, the Mandalorians, and the Wookiees, the latter of which the Empire found most useful in the construction of the Death Star superweapon.[22]

However, because of such close ties to the Empire, Zygerrian ships were considered legitimate targets for Rebel Alliance privateers during the Galactic Civil War.[25] Additionally, Zygerrian slavers sometimes became targets for the Empire, and they were hunted by the Imperial Navy and the Sector Rangers.[6]

Zygerrians in the galaxyEdit

The Thanda ClanEdit

At some point between 1000 BBY and 0 BBY,[26] the Zygerrian Thanda clan became infamous for its daring tactics. The Thandas staged raids on passenger liners and simply spaced—i.e. sent into the vacuum of space without a space suit—those they deemed not worth selling as slaves. This attitude provoked several spacers to come looking for the Thandas' leader, Atlee Thanda, to take him down and put an end to his clan's operations.[6]

Tracing the money of a rich shipping magnate called Brevis Taug, who sponsored the Thanda clan's fleet of slaveships, the spacers reached a space station above Zygerria. There, they sneaked aboard Atlee Thanda's personal yacht, the Scourge[6] and confronted the clan leader.[27] The Scourge's databanks also revealed information regarding other Zygerrian clans' operations to the adventurers.[6]

The Clone WarsEdit

Occupation of KirosEdit

"You are no doubt aware your droid forces have been destroyed, and you are surrounded. Do the honorable thing and give up now, D'Nar. I promise you will receive fair treatment."
"You've broken through my defenses. You think you've won? Think again! I have planted bombs all over the city. No one will survive. Now, surrender."
―Kenobi and Darts D'Nar, during a face-off on Kiros[src]

By the time of the Separatist Crisis, the species had ties to the Merson pirates, who supplied them with slaves captured in their raids.[28] During this period, the Zygerrians raided the planet of Rodis, where they captured a local military leader called Nilo. The Zygerrians later sold Nilo to the Rattataki war barons to fight in the Cauldron gladiator pits, impressing the barons with stories of Nilo's military exploits. However, Nilo did not survive his first fight[29] and was killed by the prototype battle droid L8-L9 shortly thereafter.[30]


Darts D'Nar fights Obi-Wan Kenobi on Kiros.

The Zygerrian Darts D'Nar allied himself with the Confederacy during the Clone Wars. After Dooku's forces took Kiros under control, D'Nar was placed in charge of the planet. There, he faced off against the Republic troops led by Kenobi and Skywalker, and he attempted to force the Jedi to surrender by threatening to detonate thermal annihilator bombs that he had planted throughout Kiros' capital city. However, the Jedi managed to disarm the bombs and captured D'Nar.[4]

Battle of TirahnnEdit

"The planet you see before you is Tirahnn, a world on the Perlemian Trade Route. Some months ago, the planet fell into Separatist hands, and we could not spare the resources to oppose them. Since that time, the Separatists have used their control of the world to disrupt trade and supply lines, and the Jedi Council has tasked us with dislodging the Separatists and reopening the trade route."
―Master Ezar Elasra, in a briefing before the Batte of Tirahnn[src]

Another member of the species, Zolghast, served the Confederacy of Independent Systems as a commander in the Clone Wars. When the Confederacy captured the planet Tirahnn, Zolghast was placed in charge of the occupation force there. A paranoid person, Zolghast spent most of his time in a secret bunker in the capital city of the same name as the planet, protected by Geonosian bodyguards.[2]

Battle of Tirahnn1

Confederate forces on Tirahnn were commanded by the Zygerrian Zolghast.

Since Tirahnn was located on the vital Perlemian Trade Route, the Republic planned to retake the planet a few months after it fell into enemy hands. To this end, a Republic strike team was dispatched to the planet to take control of a planetary ion cannon. The task was complicated by the fact that Zolghast was the only person who had the firing codes for the cannon, so the strike team infiltrated his bunker and captured him. With the codes, the Republic agents were able to use the ion cannon to fire on the Separatist fleet in the orbit of the planet, disabling it and opening a safe corridor for the main Republic invasion force to reach the planet.[2]

In the midst of the erupting battle, a unit of clone troopers was sent to collect Zolghast and bring him to the Venator-class Star Destroyer Solidarity. At that moment, the Separatists attempted to rescue Zolghast, sending a Force-sensitive Clawdite shapeshifter, Braxus Lyn, to free him and transport him off-planet. Posing as Jedi Master Ezar Elasra, Lyn took custody of the Zygerrian and escorted Zolghast to a Sheathipede-class transport shuttle. While she was preparing the shuttle for take-off, the Republic launched an attack,[2] attempting to recapture Zolghast.[31] Ultimately, the Republic was able to reclaim Tirahn.[2]

Attack on the MedicaEdit

"They're approaching, Colonel M'rch! Shall we fire?"
"Not yet, Scroon, wait until they're too close to run… but before they realize we took over this ship when we deserted combat!"
―Scroon and Colonel M'rch[src]

Colonel M'rch led a rogue faction of Zygerrians during the Clone Wars.

At some point during the Clone Wars, a group of Zygerrians led by Colonel M'rch deserted combat and captured the spice transport vessel Wayfarer. However, the ship's engines had been damaged, and the Zygerrians were in dire need of supplies, most importantly bacta to treat their injured. The Zygerrians sent out a distress call, which was soon picked up by the Republic Pelta-class frigate Medica. Hoping to seize the vessel and its cargo of bacta, M'rch allowed the Medica to approach the Wayfarer close, instead of opening fire as his subordinate Scroon suggested.[3]

M'rch then had the Wayfarer flood its hull with a magnetic charge, causing the vessel to securely attach itself to the Medica. The Zygerrians used hand torches to cut through the Republic vessel's hull and broke inside. Despite the fact that most of the Medica's clone trooper complement were recovering in bacta tanks after a recent encounter with the Confederacy, the remaining troopers still managed to defend against the attack, thanks to the assistance of Kenobi, whom the Medica was giving an emergency transport. After all the raiding Zygerrians were subdued, Kenobi promised to treat their wounds with bacta, before turning them over to a prison camp.[3]

Other Zygerrian sightingsEdit

"Zygerrian scum!"
―Jedi Anakin Skywalker resented the Zygerrians[src]

At the later stages of the war, Zygerrians were also seen on the galactic capital of Coruscant. At least two of them were present aboard a train traveling through the Coruscant underworld, where they bore witness to the Coruscant Underworld Police's pursuit of Ahsoka Tano, who was on the run from the Jedi Order after being falsely accused of murder and terrorism.[32] A number of Zygerrians were seen on the planet Zardossa Stix during that period of time. One of them, a female, was an ally of the Frangawl Cult, a bloodthirsty organization hailing from the planet Bardotta.[33]

The Zygerrian female was present on Zardossa Stix when members of the cult tried to sacrifice the Bardottan Queen Julia, whom they had kidnapped from her home planet, to the cult's secret leader, the Nightsister Mother Talzin. When Jedi Master Mace Windu and Gungan Representative Jar Jar Binks arrived on the planet to save the Queen, the Zygerrian tried to stop them from chasing members of the cult through the streets of a Zardossan city by throwing her pet tooka into a herd of domesticated eopie creatures, causing them to scatter in panic and slow down the Jedi and his companion. The setback was only temporary, as the pair ultimately succeeded in saving Julia.[33]

Operations on KowakEdit

Establishing a power baseEdit

"May I present His Royal Majesty, Prince Sono Molec, Champion of Listehol, Conqueror of the Slavers' Chain, Uniter of the Guilds, and the one true heir to the Zygerrian Empire."
―Captain Rajim Armin introduces his Master[src]
Molec Royal Palace FLT

Molec Royal Palace on Kowak

Shortly after the end of the Clone Wars, King Molec's younger son, Prince Sono Molec, assumed control of the Zygerrian outpost on Kowak. The prince ruled from the city of Sclavos, where he possessed his own palace, which was rumored to have been built upon the ruins of an ancient Sith Temple. Molec converted Kowak into a power base for the Zygerrian slavers operating on the border of two sectors of the galaxy known as the Slice and the Trailing Sectors.[5]

The Prince established a number of supply outposts on the planet, where fellow slavers could resupply, refuel and store captured slaves. Seeking to resurrect the Zygerrian Slave Empire in its full glory, Molec also allowed various other factions—such as the Karazak Slavers Cooperative and the Trandoshans—full access to Kowak's facilities. Molec's business prospered for more than a decade, with the Prince continuing with the tradition of holding slave auctions, which were accompanied by rich parties that were held inside the palace. The Prince also ran a poaching operation on Kowak, supplying the semi-sentient Kowakian monkey-lizards to buyers across the galaxy.[5]

At one point, Sono Molec toured Zygerrian holdings in the southern Slice with his older brother Hordem. Sono's recklessness drew the Zygerrians into a naval battle with the forces of Imperial Captain Ralchio Nervi. The engagement ended with the death of Hordem and the defeat of the Zygerrians, who fled from the battle. The King held Sono responsible for his brother's death and severed all ties to his youngest son, essentially exiling him to Kowak. In turn, holding a grudge against his father, Sono secretly plotted to assassinate him and become the new King.[5]

Encounter with Rebel agentsEdit

"Today, one of His Majesty's prized possessions, the Prince's Sword, was stolen and taken to a watch house within the slave sector just outside the city. I was just informed the thieves intend to move it to the Thalassian outpost Caden by morning. Retrieve His Majesty's property and present it to him. In his gratitude, the Prince may consider your offer."
―Rajim Armin, to the Rebel agents[src]

Sometime after Sono's exile, a group of the Prince's Zygerrians attempted to capture local Talz on the planet Vlemoth Port, when they encountered Nam Beroya, a Mandalorian warrior who tried to protect the Talz. Beroya was captured and was made Molec's personal slave, forced to fight in gladiator pits on Kowak. As a fighter, he enjoyed a two-year long undefeated string, earning himself the nickname the "Prince's Sword."[5]

FriendsLikeThese FC character art

Prince Sono Molec

Two years after Beroya's capture,[5] at some point between 2 BBY and 4 ABY,[34] Molec made a bet with trade baron Dorn Sevelle of the Karazak Cooperative that Beroya would defeat six vicious Barabels in a fight. However, Beroya was exhausted after a recent fight with a Coynite gladiator, and he lost the subsequent fight with the Barabels. As a result, Beroya ended up in Sevelle's possession, who was planning to sell the Mandalorian warrior to the highest bidder.[5]

During this time, a group of agents of the Rebel Alliance arrived on Kowak in search of allies who could help them repel an upcoming Imperial attack on their repair yard located on the planet Xorrn. Having gained access to a party preceding one of the slave auctions, the agents pleaded before Molec to provide assistance to their cause.[5]

The Prince had no intention to cross the Empire, but he decided to use the agents to reclaim Beroya. Sono promised the Rebels that he might consider to help them if they retrieved the "Prince's Sword"—failing to mention that the Sword was a living person—which he claimed had been stolen by Sevelle. The Rebels successfully rescued Beroya and gained allies in their fight against the Imperials on Xorrn.[5]

The rescue of Arhul HextrophonEdit

Calrissian: "Zygerrian slavers? You never told me that one."
Solo: "It wasn't anything important."
Ghent: "He and Chewbacca attacked a Zygerrian slaver ship. Just the two of them. The Zygerrians were so scared they abandoned ship."
Solo: "They were more pirates than slavers. And they weren't afraid of me-they abandoned ship because I told them I had twenty stormtroopers with me and was coming aboard to check their shipping licenses."
Calrissian: "And they bought that?"
Solo: "I was broadcasting a borrowed Imperial ID at the time."
―Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Ghent discuss Solo's encounter with the Zygerrians[src]

Although the Zygerrian slaver business was mostly situated near their homeworld, in the time of the Galactic Empire the Zygerrians also controlled a smaller and lesser-organized Slaver Syndicate[35] based in the Karazak system[8] on the other side of the galaxy.[16] This organization, generally regarded as mere thugs, was controlled by the Zygerrian Pr'ollerg clan, which strongly dictated the Syndicate's politics. The Syndicate, estimated to have over two thousand active members, actively employed bounty hunters to capture individuals with only a minor bounty on their heads to sell them as slaves later.[35]

While working for the Empire, the Zygerrians made deals with the Imperial Admiral Terrinald Screed, who obtained three Twi'lek slaves from them[22]—one of them a Force-sensitive called Boc Aseca[36]—and who praised the slaves' quality to the Emperor.[22]

Han Solo JTL

Han Solo outwitted Zygerrian slavers in order to rescue Arhul Hextrophon.

Around 3 BBY,[37] a group of Zygerrian slavers captured journalist Arhul Hextrophon and his family. They had been ferrying the captives for months before they were confronted by the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca[38] over the planet Janodral Mizar.[39]

Solo broadcast an Imperial transponder code, claiming that twenty stormtroopers were going to board the slavers' ship to check their shipping licenses, forcing the Zygerrians to abandon ship. Since Janodral Mizar had a law giving slaver profits to their victims, Solo and Chewbacca left the ship and the Zygerrian treasure held aboard it to Hextrophon, departing in their own starship, the Millennium Falcon.[39]

Ingan dire Stane's clearinghouseEdit

"I took this place from Ingan dire Stane, a Zygerrian slaver, and it took years of crawling and begging and making myself his pet before he gave me enough time and freedom to take over. He never guessed what I was really after, not until the moment I cut his throat."
―Aral tukor Viest[src]

Years before 2 ABY,[40] Zygerrian slaver named Ingan dire Stane held control of a pirate clearinghouse[41] in the Far Xandil sector.[42] A former mining asteroid, the clearinghouse was a platform where pirates from across the galaxy could trade their stolen goods between each other. It was also a major slaving hub, as crews of ships raided by pirates were being sold into slavery far away from where they had been originally captured. Since the clearinghouse was located in a backwater sector with very little Imperial or Rebel presence, Stane's business prospered.[41]

At one point, Stane acquired a Lorrdian female named Aral tukor Viest as his personal slave. Viest served the slaver as his most prized pet, entertaining his needs and desires. Over time, Stane started giving Viest more and more freedom. However, this proved to be Stane's undoing, as Viest slowly began taking control of the Zygerrian's business over the course of several years. She eventually killed her master by slitting his throat and became the sole owner of the clearinghouse, the so-called "flightmaster."[41]

Other victims of the ZygerriansEdit

"He's Marko Tyne. Wanted in nine systems for unlicensed slaving. I'm claiming him."
―Beilert Valance, after killing the Zygerrian Marko Tyne[src]
Marko Tyne

Marko Tyne is killed by Beilert Valance.

One more member of the species,[7] Marko Tyne, conducted unlicensed slavery in nine of Thesme sector's star systems. For these acts, he was wanted dead or alive by Thesmian authorities. A short time after the Battle of Yavin, Tyne was killed by the bounty hunter Beilert Valance in the Junction City cantina on the planet Feriae Junction.[43]

At some point during the Galactic Civil War, the pirate Jondrell Inx captured Cressis Linrec, the daughter of the Imperial Governor Linrec, and held her hostage on the planet Kallistas. Inx demanded the Governor to pay a large ransom for his daughter, lest he would sell her to the Zygerrian Slavers Guild. Governor Linrec assigned Kallistas' governor, Dengless Rinn, to rescue his daughter. Rinn, in turn, hired three bounty hunters to rescue the girl, hoping to resolve the situation quickly and keep Linrec's attention away from the planet, since Rinn himself was plotting an elaborate scheme against his superior governor.[44]

Following a pirate raid on her family's transport, a young Human female called Janildakara was sold into slavery to the Zygerrians, who branded her on the neck. After enduring the life of a slave for several years, Janildakara escaped and became a bounty hunter in the females-only House Renliss chapter of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. She hoped to use the Guild's help to find her family, who had not been heard of since the pirate attack.[35]

Around 3 ABY,[45] the Calian Lobar Aybock was given to the Zygerrian slavers by the Empire, after being deemed unworthy to become a stormtrooper. Aybock's freedom was eventually bought by the Chevin Eedund Cus, who went on to train him in shockboxing, helping Aybock to become a champion in that sport.[46] Contrary to their general reputation, not every Zygerrian was involved with criminal activities. Some individuals abandoned their species' traditional ways and became law-abiding members of the galactic society.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit


The Zygerrians were first mentioned in The Star Wars Sourcebook, written by Bill Slavicsek and Curtis Smith and published in 1987. The species were mentioned in Han Solo's entry, written in-universe by Arhul Hextrophon and describing the story of Hextrophon's capture and subsequent rescue by Solo and Chewbacca.[38] However, the 2005 article "Mission 5: Showdown on Junction" written by Jason Fry, retroactively identified Marko Tyne, a character from Marvel Comics' Star Wars 27: Return of the Hunter, as a Zygerrian, thus establishing the species' first appearance to have been in September of 1979.[7]

The Clone Wars conflicting informationEdit

"They have appeared in the comics, but we knew that we wanted to do something that was very slightly different to their appearance when they were first published in their comic book form. To make them slightly more animalistic and also slightly more unique. So that there was no way you would think that this was a Mandalorian or a Twi'lek. I mean, they're very definitely their own species."
―Artist Kilian Plunkett, on the decision to change the Zygerrian design[src]

The Zygerrian species played a substantial role in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars project. The Zygerrians were first featured in Slaves of the Republic, a 2008 story arc of The Clone Wars comic series—written by Henry Gilroy and illustrated by Scott Hepburn—that tied into the television series.[47]


The original Zygerrian design, as depicted in the 2009 Galaxy at War sourcebook.

In 20112012, the Slaves of the Republic comic books were adapted into three episodes of the television series, titled "Kidnapped," "Slaves of the Republic," and "Escape from Kadavo." The episodes followed the same premise but featured a number of differences, most notably, an appearance redesign for the Zygerrians[4][11][19] that conflicted with their previous depiction in the comic series and the 2009 Galaxy at War sourcebook. The redesign was a result of the series' creative team wanting to make the Zygerrians a species that was unmistakably unique in its features.[48]

Furthermore, the TV series' Supervising Director Dave Filoni felt that the comic book design would appear on screen as if it were coming from a TV show with limited makeup resources for aliens.[49] First designs of the Zygerrians created for the show by artist Darren Marshall were fairly bat-like and monstrous.[48] Ultimately, Filoni decided to give the Zygerrians a more coyote-like appearance, believing that coyote's reputation as a trickster would make the species look more deceitful.[49]

Within the Star Wars Legends continuity, there has been no official in-universe explanation for the two different Zygerrian designs, although Lucasfilm Ltd. Holocron continuity database keeper Leland Chee has at one point speculated that there were two Zygerrian subspecies in existence. This article currently follows the events as portrayed in the TV series, in accordance to Mr. Chee's statement that the TV series supersedes the comic books in terms of continuity.[50]

Information superseded by the television seriesEdit

Appearance and societyEdit

A Zygerrian noble depicted in the original design leading an attack on Imperial stormtroopers.

According to sources published prior to the species' redesign, the Zygerrians lacked any fur on their bodies and had predominantly red hair, which some individuals preferred to style in ponytails and braids. Some Zygerrians also weaved various beads into their hair for aesthetic purposes. The species' most distinguishing feature was a series of bony spurs that protruded from beneath their skin on the face, giving them a jagged appearance.[2]

Most male members of the species usually had two larger spurs extending from the chin and a number of smaller ones that grew along the brow ridge and on other parts of the face,[2] although there were exceptions and some had only the chin spurs[10] or none at all.[7] Additionally, females had fewer spurs than males, but they instead had somewhat longer ears. The species' eye color varied from green[10] to brown.[47]

The comic books implied that the Zygerrians were generally viewed as primitive,[10] while the TV series referred to them as an advanced civilization.[4] The comics also featured a Zygerrian law enforcement organization called the Sky Guard, which was absent from the on-screen adaptation.[10]

Comic series' storylineEdit
From Kiros to the Shi'kar StraitsEdit
Kenobi: "We're not here to fight, Captain. We only want information about the people of Kiros."
Onyx: "What do I get if I talk?"
Skywalker: "You get to live."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker interrogate Onyx[src]

The Slaves of the Republic comic book series was originally set early in the Clone Wars. However, the TV series version took place further in the timeline of the conflict, therefore certain adjustments had to be made to the story.[48] In the Slaves of the Republic comic series, Count Dooku offers Scintel an opportunity to expand the Zygerrian criminal empire with slaver franchises into the Core systems. When she agrees, she is granted a place in the Separatist Council as Minister of the Slavers Consortium. In turn, the Confederacy stations its space forces in the orbit of Zygerria, including at least one Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship.[10]

Onyx crew

Onyx and his crew, as featured in the comic series

Meanwhile, Onyx, a Zygerrian slaver active during the Clone Wars, has been performing slaver operations in the Shi'kar Straits region on his vessel,[47] the Fate's Hand.[10] At some point, Onyx has decided to capture a blixus. Though half of his crew is killed while bringing the blixus aboard the Fate's Hand, the creature is successfully placed in a tank inside the ship.[47]

Having liberated Kiros and witnessing that the Confederate commander Xerius Ugg was in contact with the Zygerrians, Skywalker and Kenobi assault Onyx's ship in order to learn about the missing people of Kiros. Onyx releases the blixus, hoping that it will kill the Jedi. Instead, Skywalker and Kenobi kill the creature and capture Onyx and his crew,[47] using their vessel to reach Zygerria.[10] As rumors spread that the Separatists have captured the missing people of Kiros—despite Dooku's efforts to cover his tracks by lying that the Jedi killed the Togruta colonists—Dooku orders Scintel to delay the auction, but the Queen refuses to comply.[51]

Events on Zygerria and KadavoEdit
"Our vision of a world without weapons has failed miserably. In this galaxy, we must walk the path of warriors whether we wish to or not."
―Governor Roshti, following the rescue of the Togruta by the Jedi[src]

Promoting the Togruta as Separatist prisoners of war,[52] she begins the auction, which gathers many influential figures, including representatives of the Smugglers Guild and two of the most influential figures of the Separatist Council, the Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor and the Commerce Guild Presidente Shu Mai. After the Jedi's attempted escape, the auction is ruined, as the Separatists have fled at the first sign of trouble. Despite Dooku's orders to execute the captive Jedi immediately, the Queen keeps them alive.[51]

Ventress on Zygerria

The scene of Scintel's death in the comics

Scintel's open promotion of the Togruta as Confederate captives inspires fear throughout many neutral worlds in the galaxy and induces them to join the Republic. It also conflicts with Dooku's account that the Togruta were killed by the Jedi. As Scintel's slave, Skywalker saves her from an attempt on her life by Bosso Weex, the leader of a group of spice runners, whose men have been enslaved by the Zygerrians.[52]

When Dooku comes to confront the Queen on Zygerria he is accompanied by his Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress. After Dooku has killed Scintel, Ventress engages Skywalker in a duel, but the Jedi escapes.[52]

Fearing that the liberation of the slaves might prove him a liar, Dooku sends Ventress and General Grievous to kill everyone on Kadavo.[52] In a three-way battle between the Confederacy, the Republic forces and the Zygerrians led by the Keeper, the Republic emerges victorious. The slaves are liberated, the labor processing hub is destroyed, the Keeper is captured and the Togruta are resettled on Kiros and taught to defend themselves.[53]

Other inconsistenciesEdit

In 2003, the Zygerrian Takedown mini-adventure for Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game written by Jason Fry addressed members of the species as simply "Humans."[6] Later, Fry's "Valance's Tale" article introduced the retcon that identified Marko Tyne as a Zygerrian.[7] At the time those two sources were published, there were no official images of Zygerrians in existence. When the Zygerrians were eventually depicted in The Clone Wars project, this introduced a conflict, as Tyne did not share any similar features neither with the jagged Zygerrians from the Slaves of the Republic comic,[47] nor with the feline Zygerrians from the TV series.[4] "Zygerrian Takedown"'s description also no longer stood valid, as the Zygerrians from the TV series did not look like Humans.[6]

Although published after the Zygerrian redesign of 2011, Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook, the 2016 supplement for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game, addressed the Zygerrians as "red-furred" species, which is more reflective of the original design from the Slaves of the Republic comic series.[54]

Throughout the years, there has been an inconsistency on the spelling of the species' name, with some sources spelling it with one letter "r"[55] while most sources spell it with two letters "r."[56]

Gameplay alternativesEdit

"So you were successful. His Majesty will be pleased."
―Rajim Armin commends the adventurers on their bringing Nam Beroya back to Molec[src]
Battle of Xorrn FLT

Sono Molec and his Zygerrians can optionally participate in the Battle of Xorrn in Friends Like These.

In 2017, the Zygerrians were prominently featured in Friends Like These, an adventure scenario published by Fantasy Flight Games. The storyline of the scenario is described in this article up until the rescue of Nam Beroya. From that point on, the adventure presents two diverging paths that the players may take. They can possibly side with Beroya and instigate a slave revolt on Kowak, overpowering Prince Molec and his guards.[5]

In that case, former slaves liberated by the Rebels will accompany them to Xorrn. Alternatively, the players can deliver Beroya back into Molec's custody, after which they will be granted an audience with the Prince.[5]

The Rebels can inform Molec that the assault on Xorrn will be led by Captain Nervi, who killed Sono's brother and indirectly caused the Prince's exile to Kowak. The players can try other incentives in order to convince Sono to join them; regardless of the reason, Sono is convinced to participate in the defense of Xorrn, providing a large number of Zygerrian troops and aerial support. As a precaution, Molec equips himself with a life-sign monitor tied to Beroya and other slaves' explosive collars. This way, if Molec were to die, all the slaves would die with him.[5]

After the successful resolution of the battle, players are presented with an adventure hook involving Prince Molec's plans to assassinate his father. When he is invited to his homeworld for an audience with his father, players have the option of accompanying him and helping him exact his revenge against King Atai Molec.[5]


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