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The Zygerrian Slave Empire was a government that prospered as a slave-trading enterprise that enslaved many beings in the galaxy centuries before the Clone Wars and later was reestablished as a puppet state of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


During the Old RepublicEdit

The empire, which was based on Zygerria, stretched across many sectors. They were led by the Zygerrians slavers. The Zygerrians had successfully (for thousands of years) maintained their slave industry, which supplied luckless labor to unscrupulous masters in the galaxy who then became wealthy and powerful. However, it would fade from its glory after the Jedi cracked down on their slaving operations and liberated countless beings from bondage. This action ended the slavery trade the Zygerrians excelled in, pushing it into the shadows of the underworld during the days of the Old Republic.[5]

Clone WarsEdit


During the Clone Wars, Queen Miraj Scintel, saw an opportunity to reestablish Zygerria's ancient slave empire and concocted a plot to gain allegiance with the Confederacy of Independent Systems and its head of state, Count Dooku. Dispatching Commander Darts D'Nar to the Togruta colony world of Kiros, Scintel ordered him to capture the colonists and return them to Zygerria so they could be sold to Dooku at auction in hopes of expanding their slaver empire. To this end they began an invasion of Kiros where the Confederacy supplied them with the captured Togruta population, whom the Zygerrians hoped to sell by bringing back the royal slave auction, a tradition of the old Empire.[6]

Auction on ZygerriaEdit

However, their plans were foiled by the Jedi who located the missing colonists, and sent Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka undercover to infiltrate the slavers and the auction on Zygerria where Ahsoka threatened Scintel. The queen pressed a button, and Ahsoka was electrocuted unconscious. Anakin and Kenobi were captured too.[1] At this point, Scintel had started developing feelings for Anakin and decided not to kill him which Molec saw as a weakness and invited Dooku to Zygerria to speak with the Queen about her defiance in not killing Skywalker. When the Queen again refused to kill him, Molec and Dooku decided to take matters into their own hands, seeing Scintel unfit to be queen. Molec then stood by as Dooku force-choked her. However, she was saved by the timely arrival of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker who tried to convince Miraj Scintel that she too was a slave and pawn in the Separatists plot, something she realized to be true just before succumbing to her injuries and dying.[7]

With the queen dead, Skywalker and Ahsoka escaped from the Zygerrians and headed for Kadavo to rescue Kenobi, Rex, and the Togruta captives, who had been transferred to the Zygerrian slave processing facility on the planet. While en route, the two also called for reinforcements from the Republic.[7]

Battle of KadavoEdit

Tano and her Master soon arrived on the planet onboard the Aurore-class freighter Tecora and tried to break into the slave processing facility. When ordered to cease by the Zygerrian Keeper Agruss under threat that the slaves would be killed, Skywalker did not comply. Later when Galactic Republic reinforcements led by Admiral Coburn and Jedi Master Plo Koon landed on Kadavo, they confronted the slavers, with the Wolfpack detachment attacking the facility with LAAT/i gunships and clone Z-95 starfighters. However, although they were initially halted by its ray shields, Skywalker was able to destroy the defensive towers. Meanwhile, Kenobi and Rex rebelled and killed Agruss who in a last act, tried to throw the Togruta hostages into the volcanic crevice below the facility, but, following a plan devised by Tano, the Republic forces evacuated everyone onto Admiral Coburn's Arquitens-class light cruiser. The Republic strike team then destroyed the slave facility. It's destruction dealing a crippling blow to the Zygerrians.[7]



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Notes and referencesEdit

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