This article is about the Sith Inquisitor serving the Sith Empire. You may be looking for Zyn Javeb, a member of the Pau'an committee during the Clone Wars.

Zyn was a corpulent Human male Sith Inquisitor who served the Sith Empire during the Cold War.


"This is not an idle diversion, acolyte. A short while ago, there was what we call an "unauthorized murder" here in the academy. A rivalry among apprentices resulted in death."
―Zyn, to the Sith Inquisitor[src]

During the Cold War, Zyn learned of a murder inside the Sith Academy's walls, and captured and tortured a witness named Alif for more information about the incident. Overseer Harkun sent a Sith Acolyte to Zyn as part of the apprentice's trials, and Zyn permitted the acolyte to finish the questioning and reveal the killer's name.



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