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Zzzzyxxx was a male officer who worked for Star Tours as a security guard[1] for spaceport customs.[2] Zzzzyxxx possessed his own workstation, where the officer would also control safety for Star Tours flights, as well as keep track on information such as the weather in destinations such as Cloud City, on Bespin. He commonly spoke a language other than the Galactic Basic Standard, and wore spectacles, a Star Tours uniform and kept a company mug on his desk.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Officer Zzzzyxxx is a character that was seen only at the end of Tokyo's version of Star Tours before its revamp as Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.[1] The figure design was recycled for the character Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom park. A musician, Sonny Eclipse identified himself as a "Zorkie" from the city of "Yew Nork" on the planet "Zork".[2]

According to Daniel Wallace, Zzzanmxl was the last entry in the Holocron continuity database as of 2008,[4] which means that, by then, Zzzzyxxx was not included in it.



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